“The Futuristic Healer” | 1/1/18

“The Futuristic Healer” | 1/1/18

Commission for Filip. 

As I close my eyes to meditate upon the image of this humanoid, bipedal amphibious connection, he is showing me hand signs and symbols that suggest pranic healing and reiki work. I am unconsciously making hand movements myself, like “grabbing” energy in the air between him and I with the tip of my fingers, and pulling it towards me, as if I was extracting energetic information from him in his auric field and receiving it through my fingertips. Pretty much exactly how he is doing in the portrait with his right hand, there is a reason why he is creating a hologram in the air just with his hand.  Because he is an advanced healer who combines the natural with the technological, and he receives information from your own energetic field through his hands, so his way of communicating is telepathic but also energetically. He likes to combine technology with his abilities because he feels that everything has a purpose but that we don’t often see it due to having biased views.

He is mentioning Atlantis and something about the love of power that took over the power of love, and the technology evolved more than the spirituality which eventually caused the downfall due to division. He managed to save himself but he lost many friends and family members. So he has learned to balance technology with his own natural abilities and not neglect either one as both can be equally useful especially if integrated and combined. But I am intrigued by this room and the holograms he’s creating with his hand.

“What is this room?”
“Take a look around. Does it look familiar to you? Yes it does, you’ve been in a similar one before. Now tell me, what do you think this room is about?”
I sense a slight air of sarcasm and playfulness but also something that he wants me to learn.
“Well, it looks like a laboratory. There are devices that look like computers, holographic screens, even a table to sit or lie down on. It looks like a lab to me.” He smiles.
“Exactly. Trust in your own impressions before asking me. But don’t ‘look’ too much. Feel.” He places his left hand over my heart and takes a deep breath. I feel a piercing pain at the side of my left breast slightly going down to my waist and then back up. He traces a sign over my forehead with his index finger’s claw, and I feel a slight “pinch” sensation as if something was pulled out of my forehead and hairline.
“Heart chakra. Block. Work on it. I can’t do much if you don’t do your part.”
“But wait is this for me or Filip, YOUR contact?”
“Who am I interacting with right now? With you of course! Now, rephrase your first question.”
I sigh and roll my eyes, to which he chuckles with a small grin.
“What is the purpose of this room?”
“Much better! I am a healer. Here, I do my work. With Filip. Filip also sometimes needs healing work. The healer needs healing, too. We extract parasites attached to the auric field of the patient. They are quite easy to spot, you will know as you will notice when the person is not acting like themselves, they feel empty to you and when you look into their eyes all you can see is a void. Think of it on your own human terms, you consider depression to be a monster that possesses you from time to time, this is quite literal. We also extract implants, both physical and non-physical, because as you know, our technology exceeds yours, making this a possibility to do. You use crystals, we only use our hands, and technology to monitor the healing process. We don’t need tools to focus, that was just in the beginning. For practice.”
“So, what is your connection to Filip?”
“I am the friend of Filip’s counterpart, here in Orion. Betelgeuse.”

I knew I recognized his energy from somewhere. See, when you first contacted me Filip, I meditated on your message for about a week. During that week, all I could see was a pair of large eyes, bigger than the top of the head, but it was a silhouette. However, I just KNEW it was a frog being due to the shape of the head. Until he finally revealed himself to me when I started to work on him. How he put it “Friend of Filip’s counterpart.” gives me the impression that you have a reptilian or an amphibian aspect. One of many aspects that we all have, as we are like onions, with many layers (lives).

“And why are you doing those strange hand signs and making holograms in the air with it?”
“Because I do two things at once. I scan, to get information from you to see how you are doing, and I ‘trace’ healing symbols to correct any imbalances in any of your bodies, whether light body, astral body or physical body, but we focus on the core energy of your Self, since that is what we all are. Inner self reflects outwardly.”
“Alright. Filip mentioned to me feeling an energy and asking me if it was me around him in my astral self. It’s funny because at the same time I was thinking of him because I was perceiving you and I wanted to tell him but I forgot.”
“That was me. Your excited energy about seeing my appearance made me give a brief appearance to prepare Filip energetically before actually seeing me. It is not my intention to INTIMIDATE.”
He emphasizes that word because he knows he can intimidate but only because others feel that way and not because he is attempting to.
“Is there anything else that Filip should know?”
“In nature, I shall be found. Among the trees, the cool breeze, the stillness of the soil and the push of the waters flowing through the rocks. There.”
“Is there a name that we can call you by?”
“Of course. You may call me Vaippu.”
“Thank you, Vaippu!”

And this was the end of our connection. I could see myself waving goodbye at him, I bowed and left the room. And opened my eyes.

The name Vaippu sounded familiar to me, so I had to look it up. And surprise surprise, it exists! But it’s not an actual name for a person, it is a word in Tamil that is part of a longer word “vaippuchcharakku” that means “prepared medicines” HAHAHA!!! How ironic! I can’t believe this! This was such a random urge to look it up, I am glad I did, because now everything makes more sense and confirms the validity of this interaction.

Honestly Filip I am so honored to have been able to connect with one of your galactic contacts like Vaippu. I have not connected to amphibians since 2011 when I had a negative encounter with one of them, but now after interacting with Vaippu I feel like I have been able to heal that traumatic interaction of 2011. Now that I think of it, I think that’s why he placed his hand over my heart and extracted something out of my body. He is a very beautiful, loving, kind and wise contact. I hope you enjoy his energy as much as I did, and that you are now able to better connect and interact with Vaippu himself directly through this portrait! 


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June 2, 2020

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