“The Gentle Guardian” | 6/8/18

“The Gentle Guardian” | 6/8/18

Commission for Clement. 

Alright sweet Clement.  It took me a long time to get back to you with a message with the meditation notes, because there were three portraits involved instead of one. Originally, it was only going to be the full body portrait, but since it was not working out, I had to do a close-up shot from the shoulders up while I tried to work on the full body portrait, but then another portrait as a side view came through, and then the full body portrait worked and I could finish it. Lol. 

This process took much longer than I expected, and also took different turns. Originally, I was trying to avoid the Arcturian energy and attempted to channel someone else, so the Lyran lioness came through, but in the end the Lyran lioness turned up to be a connection of mine instead of yours LOL! I was quite surprised, I felt like I was fooled lol, so I had to go back and finally channel the Arcturian energy I was perceiving for quite a long time (this whole process took about one month).

So I was taught here that I needed to have patience, and also to expect the unexpected, and to go with the flow and with the changes. I try to keep everything under control and in a rational, logical order, but the Arcturians always shake things up for me so that I lose control of the outcome of things, this is so that I let go of expectations, rules and steps to follow…and to not get frustrated when things don’t go my way. Lol. 

In the very beginning, I saw a tall Arcturian with radiant purple skin, changing between blue and fuchsia depending where the light was shining on him/her (the gender is unclear), surrounded by a white circle (like a glowing white hula hoop but made of energy and electricity), and he (I will use “he”) was controlling the energy with his hands, shaping it and morphing it into different shapes. Then he held it in his right hand, and a “weapon” materialized, it resembles a lightsaber but it is mostly made of some kind of metal and it is very tall, so it reaches the ground.

In other words, he is an energy worker, but not the “Reiki” type of energy worker. He knows how to operate and utilize energy to turn something from non-physical to physical, so he can materialize energy and de-materialize physical matter. So this means that he can materialize but also become “spirit” if that makes sense.

[First Portrait: Private]

The desert is a symbol for all the room/space you have to plant new seeds. The old has been already ripped out of the ground and removed, but there are obstacles, like the hill of sand behind him.

I approach him and he stops me by lifting his left hand, palm facing towards me. It is a gentle but firm warning to not go beyond if I am not sure of where I am going.

“Stop chasing, as you are not from here. Don’t compare, as in the end we are all the same. If I were to stand above that hill, does that make me superior because I am standing in a higher terrain? No. I am the same as you, but in a different level.”

The surroundings change and I notice that I am inside a spacecraft in outer space, and he is standing in front of me.

[Second Portrait: Public]

“We are now standing on equal ground, even if our levels are different.”

I look at the stars behind him, and the stars reflected in his eyes, astounded at the magnificent beauty of his large eyes.

“We carry within, what is already outside of us. Are you being the light that you have within? In other words, are you being authentic with yourself and expressing that to others? Are you in contact with yourself? When you are in contact with yourself, that is where you will find us. Because we are you, we are a part of you. We are not separate from you, even if our levels are different, even if our vibrations are different. That is the beauty of life, there are different lifeforms that live and exist in different ways, but in the end, they are all the same. We are not impossible to reach. You have a good understanding of how your intuition works. So when you feel a ‘random’ or ‘spontaneous’ thought, idea, or what seems to be a comment that you make to yourself during your conversations with yourself but you know that this comment could not have been from your own thinking, that is us. We are talking to you but often times you are not aware of it. Why? Because it is not noticeable, we are connected so you cannot see or feel the difference, but when you put attention to your thoughts, you will know.”

I took several seconds to digest all the information, both in speech and in telepathic visuals I was receiving. I took a deep breath as I recollected my thoughts.

“Is there any other information I can pass along?”
“A diamond is a diamond only because it was put under pressure. You cannot reach your full potential if you do not put yourself under pressure. When you don’t challenge yourself to do your best, no one and not even you will know what you can be capable of doing and of achieving. When you challenge yourself, you will discover who you truly are and what you are made of. Like the rock who did not know how much pressure it could take, only to discover it was a diamond all along.”

I felt it was time to go, so I thanked your Arcturian guide (and guardian, he’s a protector), and everything around me faded, and I opened my eyes, back in my bedroom. 

I hope you enjoy this humble portrait, done with a lot of love. 


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June 2, 2020

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