“The Guardian” | 9/29/19

“The Guardian” | 9/29/19

Commission for VA Dold.

This portrait was done based on an intuitive impression based on the client’s memories of an experience with her twin flame and this is an approximation on his physical looks, although this being is more of a light being rather than having a specific physical form, so whether the physical appearance is accurate or not, it does not matter because he does not have a form, he chose the one that was most comfortable for the client to see and interact with.

I also must add, sometimes the physical appearance from the beings that I illustrate may not be 100% accurate – and any intuitive artist that makes that claim is insane and you should run from them – however do not let this, the appearance, distract you from the main message that was given to you. Do not get lost in the details that do not matter because they do not add anything relevant.

Meditation notes have been omitted from being shared publicly.


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June 2, 2020

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