“The Intergalactic Teenage Explorer” | 4/17/18

“The Intergalactic Teenage Explorer” | 4/17/18

Commission for Jason. 

Another hybrid!!  Maia is Jason’s hybrid daughter, well, one of them lol. Hybrids tend to grow faster compared to a human, which I already suspected but after learning about Jason’s experience with his hybrid children, it was a confirmation of my own thoughts and feelings on the topic of the hybrids.

Jason, there are currently no notes or messages from her for you, except for that huge ass clue that she kept insisting on which I shared with you in regards to her actual mother. She is fairly quiet around me, perhaps due to my energy which can come across as confrontational, I feel it was her first time interacting with someone who’s energy is Draconian in nature. By the way she put it, it’s like “Being told by a giant dinosaur that they’re vegan and are not going to eat you.” LOL! Poor thing! I kept apologizing to her for accidentally scaring her, she eventually felt more comfortable around me, and even happy, hence the bright smile and pose. But it took a while. So, yes, she can be very energetic and playful, but only around those she feels comfortable with because she is familiar with, like you.

She is also very stubborn, just like you (lol like father like daughter). This image had to be rendered approximately 9 times in different occasions and it went way past beyond its due date, so I feel she was teaching me how to be patient by making me go through 9 renders by acting quite stubborn with me. But also 9 is the number of completion and things coming to an end, but whether there will be a beginning or it’s a permanent ending to something, or what she could be referring to in regards to this, that is unknown to me and only time will tell. Right now, things are ending and fading away in a slow motion, so all you can do now is relax into the process and attempt to enjoy the journey with an unknown destination. Who knows where you will land. But hopefully among the stars. 


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June 2, 2020

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