“The Red Dragon” | 8/28/19

“The Red Dragon” | 8/28/19

Commission for Nathan.

There are no meditation notes to share for this specific portrait. Because he requested me to make a posed version of him. So here is this one “in the meantime” but there is an astral experience I had that I will share with you in the second portrait version of your Red Dragon guide. All I can say is, WHAM BAM MA’AM! Ever since I saw him in the astral, synchronicities regarding dragons have been NON. STOP. I have always known since I was a child that I was connected to the energy of the Dragon, but I forgot about it in my teen years until I had my spiritual awakening in 2010, which is when I began to dream of dragons and a particular one who would tell me that he was my guide, but I brushed him off. Ever since your dragon guide showed up, this connection has been amplified and reinforced, and I am excited to see what he shares with me for you.


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June 2, 2020

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