“The Shop Owner” | 2/27/20

“The Shop Owner” | 2/27/20

Bismi Allahi Arrahmani Arraheem.

If you know what type of entity this is, you know what happens if you mention them too much. If you don’t, it’s best that you stay that way. I know this is COMPLETELY different from anything I have done in this page in the past almost 4 years, but it comes with the territory.

I gained a sudden interest in Middle Eastern culture and stories of these…beings, after making a link of a possibility of having one of them attached, despite me not being from anywhere in the Middle East. I made this link after looking back + remembering a reading I had done in person 10 years ago, where the psychic mentioned a “man” that followed me lifetime after lifetime. Most information I have found is in Arabic, making it literally impossible to find information on them.

After making this link, researching without success and so on, I dreamed of him. Children gave him a quarter and he’d answer questions in Arabic. He was standing in front of a crystal shop inside a mall. When I went to the store and ignored him, he popped up next to me and pointed at a carnelian pendant, as I was unsure of what to buy. There’s more to all of this, but that’s it in a nutshell, I won’t share more. If you know the story behind spirits bound to objects, especially crystals, ESPECIALLY carnelian, you know it’s not a good idea to follow such suggestion from such entity.

I shared my dream experience with him to my friends to seek answers some time ago, but I was suggested to cut off the link between myself and him by stopping the direct mentioning of the original title to genie. So, I did a portrait instead, which is about a week old or so from the date of this publication.

However, my problem is that the more that I ignore my experience with him, the more PHYSICAL synchronicities I get. I have reached out to Muslim people to know more about these beings, but they shut me down immediately as soon as I mention /them/. And the groups I am in, I’ve gotten few suggestions of rare books for either rituals to connect with them or stories about them, but nothing has answered my questions.

He is not a qareen (companions we’re born with), though. Like I mentioned in the original post, it feels something external, not part of me, if that makes sense.

If you know me, you know I am very confrontational, so I feel awkward as fuck in this situation by choosing to ignore what’s happening as suggested to me, it’s all becoming worse and more evident. In fact, it’s all becoming physical. I am not surprised about the physical aspect, due to their elemental nature. But this girl wants to sleep y’all. What’s next? A smack across the face like how others have told me?

It’s my hope that by putting him out on the spot, that he leaves my dreams alone. They have been in Arabic for the past week. How do I know? Because I know some words as I’ve investigated the Qu’ran in the middle of all this mess, and even considered getting one to read it. Yeah, me. A pagan witch reading the Qu’ran.

Welcome to the world of ZZ, enjoy your stay. 


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June 2, 2020

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