“The Silent Hunter” | 8/15/17

“The Silent Hunter” | 8/15/17

Meet my teenage hybrid child, Matt. 

Some time ago I was haunted with an image of a young male – approximately 17 Earth years old…quite funny and strange as I am 24 myself – with large black eyes and white hair, wearing a black uniform with no symbols whatsoever. His image would not leave my mind.

I have been without a computer for over a month and about two weeks, so depicting him was going to be impossible and I tried to push him out of my inner space and forget about him, but he still continued to be around, until eventually I finally decided on an option I wanted to invest in and finally acquired a new computer about two weeks ago.

I knew he was a hybrid, but who was the mother? It didn’t take me long to find out lol. I have heard quite often that hybrid children grow much faster than humans do but live much longer than humans do, so this does not surprise me, especially since I have been involved in the hybridization program since I was 16 years old back in 2009, so he could very well be one of the hybrids that were created with my DNA from back then.

Something that I did not notice while working on Matt’s face but realized during the rendering process is that he ever so slightly resembles the actual Matt Bellamy from Muse, my favorite band of all time, but very, very slightly and barely noticeable, so I decided to name him Matt, after my platonic crush.

Feeling into this hybrid’s energy I have found myself in it, making me realize that Matt is very much like me when it comes to pretty much everything, he is a direct reflection of myself but in masculine form, something that has astounded me as I’ve never felt anything like this before – except for my twin flame – with any of my hybrid children.

His gaze alone holds many answers to my burning questions, but like me, he won’t answer until I calm down, relax and still my mind. Perhaps the message in this one is that one of you around here also needs to meditate *more often* in order to connect more clearly and fully with your own hybrid children? They are listening, but…are you? 


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June 2, 2020

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