“The Silent Watchers” | 2/3/18

“The Silent Watchers” | 2/3/18

Commission for Ryan. 

As I looked into the Zeta’s eyes [the main one, the leader], I closed my eyes, “holding” the image of his eyes in my mind’s eye to connect with him, and I immediately felt a powerful shiver run up and down my spine that jolted me in my chair.

Scientist. Scientific-minded, logical-brained. Enthusiastic for human r(evolution) [this can be interpreted both ways]. I felt he was talking about you as a human being and highlighting some of your qualities, but HE is actually you, and you are HIM, so even though he’s talking about himself, he’s referring to you because you are him, but in human form. It sounds and feels strange, but I totally get where he’s coming from, or rather, where you are coming from with this.

For the sake of simplicity he’s asking me to refer to him as an external self of yours (“he” and “him” instead of “you”).

I try again and take a deep breath. Eventually, my inner vision brightens and I realize that I am being taken off the ground into the air during a bright day into a spacecraft. Once I am gently placed on the floor, as soon as the tips of my shoes touch the dark floor, a Zeta walks into the large and empty room to greet me. Zetas walk really fast, so he stood right in front of me in no time, a little too close for comfort, as the tips of our shoes almost touched. His energy makes him comes across as tall but he’s actually shorter than me, I wouldn’t know exactly how to measure his height.

As I am introducing myself to him, I know that he already recognizes my energy, but he allows me to finish speaking. I explain to him the purpose of me reaching out to him.

“If we didn’t want you here you wouldn’t be here. Trust us.” He adds with a dry tone and I giggle. That’s his way of saying that they already agreed to meeting up with me and that’s why they let me in.
“Yeah. Makes sense.” I am met with a sharp silence from him as he gazes at me profoundly, a signal to proceed speaking.
“Sorry to bother you, sir.”
“Nonsense. Go on.”
He realizes he’s making me feel a tad bit uncomfortable and suffocated due to his extreme closeness, so he proceeds to turn around to his left and clasps his hands behind him, giving two or three steps ahead to give me space, and then turns around to his right side to face me. He’s not smiling but I can tell he is accepting of me being there.
“I am here to talk about Ryan. Your contact.”
“You mean, our contact.”
Two Zetas walk into the room further at my right side, making a very spontaneous appearance, but they stood further away from us. I try to analyze the whole situation and notice that they are there to observe the interaction in silence.
“What do you mean by ‘our’ contact?”
“He is experiencing the procedures he has done, but he is now on the receiving end of it.”
I smile nervously as I pick up on his dry humor. Should I giggle or hold it in?
“We understand you are easy to amuse, so it’s ok to react.” I smile widely at him and sigh.
“What does it mean to be ‘experiencing the procedures he has done’?”
“He is one of us. We study various races, we learn from them and their evolution, we apply what we find useful after extensive analysis through observation and investigation. It helps us grow.”
“You are changing the answer of a question I did not ask.”
“You are not understanding what we are saying. Let us explain on human terms. To put it in the simplest way possible, Ryan is my human reincarnation. I am experiencing how it is like to be abducted by something unknown to me/you that is not of my/your world. He is now the contactee because he was/is the abductor.”
“And that abductor is you.”
“And why do you do this to yourself?”
“To better understand the concept of emotions. By feeling them myself through my own human reincarnation, I can better understand how to apply them into my original body, by living them and experiencing them first-hand.”
“What about the rest of you?”
“We are one, we can transfer information telepathically and apply it to ourselves, so not all of us have to go through the same procedure, it only takes one of us. However, it depends on what type of transferred information and procedure we are referring to here, as it does not always work successfully. You can have the information but not the experience, so human experience is necessary.”
“Do you only explore human emotions?”
“No. Others wish to explore different concepts, which may or may not be useful for our group as a whole. But that is to be considered once their human life is done and the recollection of information begins.”
“I thought you guys receive information in real-time, when the human is out there living their life?”
“Yes we do. However, it’s like returning after a day of work. We process and distill all of that information once our comrade has returned from their human experience, like a review of your day for example. You can be sure we will discard the idea of consuming detergent to impress others.”
I burst out laughing as they all stare at me as I joyfully fill up the room with laughter and snickering.
“That is an example of a useless concept.”
“After thinking about it, abductor sounds intimidating, what’s your actual role?”
“I am a scientist. As you know, we have to research, experiment, investigate and analyze everything from all points of view. Sometimes we have to be a part of our own experiments to learn, understand, apply and refine.”
“Do all of you reincarnate?”
“No. It is optional. Only another experience to have if you wish, but not obligatory.”
“Alright. Going back to Ryan, he does not recall having contact with any of you, as far as I know. Why?”
“We are good at what we do.”
I smirk and giggle.
“He will remember, on his own time. Don’t force it.” He waves at me, hinting that communication is over. I walk up to him to give him a hug and to my surprise he returns it.

I step back and a capsule encloses me. I wave goodbye at all of them and they mimic me. The floor beneath me opens up and I am sent down, back to the ground, and my surroundings fade, and I am back in my bedroom. My body is twitching, due to having to adjust my frequency back to my human vessel.

I feel he did not want to give out too much to you, because from now on the communication will be directly between him and you. Strangely enough though, it felt so easy for me to interact with a Zeta, the connection was easy and smooth, this does not happen to me with other races. This image is an activation not just for you but also for myself. I hope you find it beneficial sweet Ryan!  Enjoy your portrait too! 


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June 2, 2020

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