“Waiting For The Storm” | 11/28/17

“Waiting For The Storm” | 11/28/17

Commission for Veevaleetta.

Shailanaia is an Arcturian hybrid with Andromedan qualities, but she is “naturally” from Arcturus.

When I tuned in to your energy, I could see her crystal clear (pay attention to that pun), sitting on a deeply rich dark brown environment with stormy skies. Something about her was highlighted and I realized it was her metallic uniform, slightly glimmering and reflecting the stormy sky as well as her bright skin.

Her message to you is to not give up on your “crystal journey” because the storm is just getting started but it will bring you the “crystalline codes” that you will be integrating this winter (oh no, does it snow where you live in Canada? If so, be wary of the snow storms but take advantage of their energy while you’re inside your home). In other words, she is telling you to be aware of the weather, to anchor in the energies that the storms bring to you, and to anchor them into your crystals as well for more potent energy and clarification of visual manifestations (clairvoyance amplification and the receiving of messages of a galactic nature). You will benefit from working with any guides, or even deities who work with storms, they can clear the way for you and cloud the way to those who are working against you, besides shaking you up with a lightning strike here and there so you take action and get out of stagnation mode once you’re ready to bloom from your cocoon in spring.

I have the feeling she’s telling me that she “speaks through crystals, so listen closely.” Especially the ones you most commonly work with, or any random ones that you suddenly decide to associate with her and her energy. She will be the one to give you guidance in regards to crystals, how to work with them, how to do healing with them to assist and heal others, as well as in helping you hear (telepathically of course) the messages from your crystals, as well as any messages that she has to give you through them.

To her, crystals are like mini smartphones where she can communicate through not just with you but in her own home planet back in Arcturus. In that specific place in Arcturus, crystals are used as a method of long-distance communication if that makes sense, but they also have a “default message” like a voicemail ready to be listened to when you pick it up the first time. Crystals choose their owner, so that “voicemail” is meant to be just for you. Once acquired and integrated, it fades (as again it was only meant for you to listen to) and then the actual communication comes through, like a “voice call” so to speak. At least this is how she says the interaction will take place between you and the crystals you already have, and later on with her through the crystals.

But besides that, the stormy environment implies inner stillness despite the surroundings. The ground is barren, things have been harvested, there is nothing to look for so stop looking back at the old, at what didn’t come through or manifested, and don’t look with disappointment at what already happened and what you currently have now as a “failure” because there is no such thing, only improvement. The things that didn’t happen are long gone now, there is no going back and other things won’t return to what they used to be, we are not meant to stay stuck in one place or situation for ever, or hide away after we stepped into our power to follow our excitement, even if we loved it (the comfort zone) with all our hearts because it was comfortable and safe for us to be in.

In order to succeed you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done before. Now I’m not telling you to strip LOL, but if you want to do something different, you need to do something different.

Think about the things that didn’t come through and ask yourself how can you do better or improvise so it can happen the next time you give it a shot?

It’s time to “close down your home” (are you moving? sounds like selling a house) and go within, retreat and recover during the bitter winter months, to prepare for what’s ahead which sounds like a new experience you are not prepared for and may be feeling anxious about it for lacking the experience or not knowing what’s going to happen next. Stay calm and observe, just like she is. With inner stillness, you make space for communication to flow through more clearly, and allow space to integrate those messages in order to unleash the actions behind them later on once you have reached a state of completion and “100% battery recharge” and are ready to rock and roll!


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June 2, 2020

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