“Zion Zeta, At Your Service!” | 1/18/18

“Zion Zeta, At Your Service!” | 1/18/18

THIS IS NOT A REAL PHOTO OF ME POSING. It’s a full 3D self-portrait that I just made for myself. 

Originally, I wasn’t going to publish this here since it’s just me. But in case you’re wondering if I do other types of 3D artwork besides alien illustrations, this is one of them, so what better way than to put myself as an example so you can see the resemblance between the real me and the 3D me. 

This is the uniform that I wear in the astral plane when I am with my star family, a group of benevolent Draconians. If you have seen The General, you will also see him wearing the same uniform. The only difference is that females are identified with red while the males are identified with gray.


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June 2, 2020

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