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So, today’s topic is about psychic protection, also known as psychic shielding or simply, shielding. If you have read my book “Connecting The Stars” you most likely already know by now that after my spiritual awakening in 2010, I did not use psychic protection until around 2012 or so, so that’s about 2 years of having contact with spirits from this world who are still stuck here and entities from beyond without having some sort of protection around me, crazy right? Yeah, I know I am. But at the time I did not know about such thing and how necessary it was. And by the way, you can read 7 random chapters for free by signing up on zionzeta.com/ebook and it will be sent to your inbox.

Just like in this physical reality we go out into the world but are wary of our surroundings, we also need to be wary of who reaches out to us at an energetic level, whether that would be through a lucid dream or the astral plane. In a normal dream however it is more difficult as we lack the awareness and lucidity to know that we are dreaming, so we are unable to control the situation and thus we are unable to use psychic protection, this is why you should ask for protection before going to sleep or before falling asleep. So this is what will be covered today.

We already went through the what, so now onto the how. How to use psychic protection and how to get started doing so? There are various techniques on books and articles on the internet that provide you with various things that you can do to get started with psychic protection, so this episode will be quite short today.

The first thing you should be aware of is your beliefs. Do you believe in angels, spirit guides, or just yourself? This will help you get clear on who to ask for help, guidance and protection. Another thing to consider would be protective symbols or objects like crystals or amulets. Some people who still enjoy bits here and there from the Christian religion might use a cross as some sort of protection, whether in a bracelet or around their neck. Others who do not follow a religion but are more open to the new age might use crystals as some sort of protection, again whether in a bracelet, around their neck or just the raw crystal or stone by itself either next to the bed or under the pillow.

The second thing is in regards to how visual you are or aren’t, can you see images in your mind when you read a description or hear someone describing it to you? Or do you prefer to see something in the physical like an image on the internet that implies psychic protection? Make sure you find what works best for you before moving to the next step. However, since I am a visual person myself and I can imagine the scenario that someone describes to me, I shall begin with a mental exercise for you to visualize.

Before I get into the first psychic protection technique, I must say this particular one was mentioned two episodes ago on “Astral Traveling: The Why, What, Where and How.” It is actually a technique meant to help you to astral travel with more ease but it doubles up as a psychic protection technique as well. I call this one “The Amethyst Chariot.” It’s simple and to the point with a little bit of visualization.

For the first technique, you are suggested to have an Amethyst crystal with you and it has to be under your pillow. The size or the shape of it does not matter, what is important is that you have one with you under your pillow. As you lie down in bed in your preferred position with your eyes closed, take deep breaths to relax your body and your mind. With each deep breath, you will begin to sink in your bed, deeper and deeper. The further down you go, the clearer your vision will become, until all that you can see is nothing but purple light all around you. Once your vision is clear, you will come to the realization that you are inside of your Amethyst crystal. Amethyst transmutes energy and helps to open the third eye so it assists you in developing your clairvoyance and intuition. But something that not many people know is that Amethyst is a protective crystal that can act as a shield as well, especially if you wish to go traveling to the higher realms in the astral plane.

For the second technique, you are suggested to have a white candle. It can be a pillar candle or a tealight candle. What is important is that you are able to carve the candle with your full name and birthdate. If you have a pillar candle, the carved name and date of birth should go upwards, so while you’re holding the candle sideways this would be from the bottom of the candle going to the top of the candle. If you have a tealight candle, it should contain your initials and if possible your date of birth, but don’t worry if you can’t carve your date of birth in it. Remember, intention is what matters here. Speaking of which, once you’re done carving your candle, put it on a plate in a safe area where no one will disturb it and cause a fire, also make sure to remove any papers and any other object that could pose a threat if it falls on the candle or knocks it down. Before lighting the candle you can proceed to hold it in your hands and either visualize a bubble of light in your favorite color growing around the candle and expanding to surround you completely or simply ask in your mind or out loud for protection against an XYZ person or XYZ situation, but don’t do it from a fearful space otherwise you will continue to be a target for this unwanted manifestation. Do it confidently as if you were a soldier asking for backup. And then proceed to light your candle. Never leave it unattended.

Some people say to never blow out your candle because otherwise you are blowing away the magic and the intentions you put into it, others say it is disrespectful especially if offered to a deity, spirit guide or ancestor, so they all suggest you leave it burning until it’s completely done. Honestly I have never believed this and when I first heard about this I was shocked, because I have done candle work before and I have never had an issue whenever I had to put out the candle before leaving my home. You can always put the candle in your bathtub and fill it with water about 1 or 2 inches so it keeps the candle cool and if something happens then the water will put it out quickly, but honestly I don’t like that. I prefer to blow it out and done. All puns intended.

However, for those of you who have had negative experiences with candles and fires before, you can substitute a candle for an LED candle. Since an LED candle can’t be carved, just write a petition with your intention and sign it with your full name and date of birth. Fold the paper towards you and put it underneath the LED candle, and proceed to turn on the LED candle, and you’re done!

For the third technique, you are suggested to have absolutely nothing. Only your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself why do you need psychic protection? Is it to protect yourself from something or someone? Why do you feel that you are a target? What do you fear? I have to bring this up because sometimes we get carried away smudging our whole home, praying to everyone and countless other things when in fact…there is no threat.

I want to step in with an unpopular opinion and a small rant, so consider this a plot twist to this episode. Psychic protection can only do so much. You will have to do the rest of the work that remains, like leaving an abusive relationship, or changing jobs if you are currently being harassed in some way, or getting out of your house to look for a job if you are having money issues, it will not come to you if you sit all day doing nothing, you actually have to go out and fill out applications in different places. You cannot pray or visualize the bad away. Some situations are more dense and require a dense action. It’s common sense, but some people need a reminder.

You have no idea how many times I was approached back in the day when I used to do readings by donation in 2013 by people who would donate a dollar or so and ask me if they were going to find a job and when. It would anger me that they spent money on me, even if it was just one dollar, when they were struggling without a job. So, whenever I had someone ask me something like that, I would approach the situation in a skeptical way, so my only two questions to them would be something like “Well, why do you ask me? What are you doing about it?” and many of them would respond with “Nothing.” and I would facepalm big fucking time. Spoiler alert: You won’t find a job if you don’t do anything about it. So after a woman approached me to ask about her husband’s situation, I told her “He has to go out and look for a job.” and she did. She told him and he did. And I was like, what the fucking hell. There is a huge difference between a person who has been applying for jobs and looking everywhere who wants to get a reading to know more about their situation, and a person who is not doing anything to find a job who wants to know when a job will land on their lap.

The thing with many new agers these days is that they expect things to come out of nowhere without doing anything for it. That’s not how life works. I was also that way a few years ago because no one ever told me that I also needed to take action, but then reality came crashing down on me and I had a very hard fall. If someone wants something, they have to fucking work for it. Sure, having positive thoughts and affirmations may work but only to a certain extent. But what the fuck are you doing to get it?

Same thing goes for psychic protection. Yeah sure, I can give you tips and techniques to protect yourself from the psychic attacks from other people or even entities or astral parasites, but it’s like a bandaid, it is only temporary while you get your shit together.

There will be a point in your life that you will eventually reach where you will not need to use psychic protection any longer. Why? Because you will no longer be focused on the bullshit. When you stop giving a shit you unplug energetically, when you unplug this means you no longer are giving your time, energy and attention to whoever or whatever is trying to bring you down, and of course your frequency will rise, and you will become “invisible” in the radar so to speak, of the people who are thinking negatively of you and astral parasites trying to feed off of your energy.

I am not saying that psychic attacks don’t exist, quite the contrary. They do, but they only become more powerful the more fearful you become and the more you feed it with your attention. Remember that energy flows where attention goes, so unplug yourself from the bullshit. When you raise your frequency, you will be on a higher level. When you are on a higher level, any low-level bullshit from any person or astral parasite will not be able to reach you as it will disintegrate on its way up trying to reach you. I am speaking from physical and non-physical people, as well as entities and parasites in all dimensions across time and space.

So to summarize the third technique, make sure that your frequency is high. By vibrating at a high frequency, it is like taking off your armor and releasing all of that heaviness in you and becoming light as a feather, but with the knowledge — unlike myself back in the day — that there’s some weird shit going on that you now know how to block out and reflect back without having to get down to their level in order to get involved. Knowing this and stepping into your power, you will not need to complicate yourself with tools and rituals because you already know that you are in your power and that you have the power to change the situation.

If you want to know more about how to raise your frequency or vibration, stay tuned for the next episode, I will be covering things like how to get started, what to do and how to do it, as well as what tools and techniques to use to raise your vibes! Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast to get notified of new episodes in the near future.

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