These sessions are to connect 1-on-1 with me! Brought back by popular demand but now revamped, this service is now an intuitive coaching session rather than an extensive tarot reading with me!


What’s the difference?


My tarot readings give you options for you to choose from, they give you possible outcomes based on your current state of mind and how you are currently approaching the situation that is being inquired about during the reading.


While an intuitive coaching session with me is the next step — after you have made that choice.

This is for you if you:

 Are hesitant

 Are confused

 Can’t focus on a goal

 Can’t complete something

 Don’t know what to do and how to do it

 Are in need of accountability to achieve a goal

You made a choice, but you feel the desire to have someone hold your hand along the way?

Say no more.

You don’t like tarot readings and prefer something more down-to-Earth?

Say no more.

You are READY to take action and get results?


Hi! I am Zion Zeta.

I have landed here to help you get laser focused, incinerate procrastination and blast off towards your goals through consistent action.

I am not your typical “intuitive coach” who recruits you into a private session to spit out fluff that makes absolutely no sense.

I am all about getting to the point and taking action. And the mentoring that I will give you? It will actually make sense to you and it will be actionable.

The question is, are you ready for action?

I have created and will continue to create the information and tools you need for your spiritual development for FREE in my blogs, in my podcast and in presentations.


However, there will be a point in your life where you will grow tired of being a lone wolf and can no longer continue to go on by yourself.


There will be a point in your life where you KNOW you need someone to light you up and hold you accountable so that you get shit done.


There will be a point in your life where jumping from freebie to freebie no longer fulfills you.


Perhaps you already reached that point in your life and that’s why you are still reading this right now.


This is for you if you would like additional guidance, but directly from me and customized to your needs and highest excitement.

This is why I am offering this, to help you to help yourself.


This is for you if you need a one-time only push in order to get to where you want to be.

Sounds like you?


There are many topics that I am well-versed at and that we can explore together, some which are about:


 Personal Development:

– Mindfulness: meditation, paganism, spirituality
– Mindset: confidence, optimism, positivity
– Communication: presenting, public speaking
– Action: brainstorming, focus, productivity
– Stagnation: dealing with inability to focus, perfectionism, procrastination
And much more!

 Finding Out your Life Purpose

– What is your soul’s essence
– What is your life purpose on this planet
– How to align with your mission and live your life purpose

 Psychic Protection and Grounding

– Connecting with your Higher Self
– W/ your Star Family
– W/ your Hybrid Children

 Connecting with your Guides
 Past Lives in Other Star Systems
 Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming



The session is recorded for deeper integration!


Once you book your session, leave your preferred topic to inquire about during “Checkout” in which you will see a text box under “Additional Information” where you can fill it in with your information that is requested of you.


It is imperative that you enter your correct contact information. To avoid any confusion, it is important to check your Skype username and email for any punctuation or special characters. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to be sure to type your full and correct Skype username and email address of your preference on the booking form so that the connection can be established.



Zion Zeta is an author, public speaker, 3D artist and host of The Spiritual Alien Podcast. She is a personal development mentor, who specializes in coaching her clients to merge the physical and the spiritual aspects of their lives through private sessions and podcast episodes.

She is a world renowned tarot expert and has inspired the lives of thousands of people across the world for the past decade through her tarot readings, helping people through direct yet gentle and sometimes humorous mentoring so they can step into their power, align with their mission and live their dream life.

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