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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s episode is the fourth episode of The Shadow Military series. Tonight’s episode is about the black helicopters and the men in black. What are the black helicopters and what do they do? Who are the men in black and what do they do?

So moving on to tonight’s episode, if you have read my book “Connecting The Stars” you know more than anyone else that I have seen black helicopters numerous times while living in Puerto Rico, including a black airplane once, and even the men in black! Which ironically, I did not believe in at the time. And yes, I already knew about the men in black after reading a few reports of encounters with them and also after watching one of my favorite episodes from the cancelled TV show “UFO Hunters” which was titled “The Silencers,” but still, I did not believe that the men in black were real. And if they were real, I thought that they must have been exclusive to the United States, since that’s where most if not all the reports I have read were coming from. It made perfect sense to me at age 16 going on 17. And by the way, you can read 7 random chapters for free by signing up on and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

I will get into thorough background stories based on my personal experiences so that you understand where I am coming from with all of this, so take my experiences as examples. I will get into what are the black helicopters and what do they do, as well as the men in black, who they are and what do they do.

Because I did not believe in the men in black or even in the black helicopters at the time, I was chill about everything. I continued to share my astral encounters and interactions on a starseed forum as well as in my own personal blog at the time which I used as an online diary of sorts to collect my experiences. I had many people approach me, to ask me how to astral travel or to know more about my experiences and I would happily answer as best as I could, without any idea of what I was getting myself into.

I spontaneously spotted a black helicopter one day when I was studying at home by myself during the day. In the beginning I thought that it was normal to see helicopters around the area and that I was simply becoming aware of something normal that has always happened around me that I have simply tuned out of and was simply tuning back in and becoming aware of once again.

However, I was simply puzzled over the style and color of the helicopter, as I had never seen one like that before, I was even more puzzled over the fact that the helicopter was flying by silently, when they are ridiculously noisy as fuck. But since I tend to overthink the smaller details, I ignored the black helicopter hovering over the same place for several minutes and I returned to my desk. In case you are wondering, it was a UH-60 Blackhawk, it was literally black with no numbers or symbols in it whatsoever.

The black helicopters increased right after. I would see one flying by every single day, just once a day. But as the weeks went by, it increased to twice a day, until it went up to three and even four times a day. I couldn’t help but think, who the hell were they looking for?! There were no reports on the local news of any criminals on the run, and there was definitely no chupacabra or gargoyle to hunt down at the time. And yes, that was a reference to the latest sightings in Puerto Rico recently.

There were some very interesting incidents that happened later on. Like my blog, which got compromised and hacked, so I lost everything except for the very first astral experience I had to a military base and that one time when I was actually taken to an underground military base. This is only a fraction within one incident out of several incidents that happened in an organized way. It all started with the strange calls at 3:00am…and the men in black.

The black helicopters continued to fly by during the day, and during the night, strange and unidentifiable calls started to happen spontaneously. Every night, my phone would light up, I would check and indeed, someone was calling me! But the calls had no ID in them, sometimes the phone number was nothing but a bunch of zeros and more than ten digits. These calls usually took place between 2:00am and 4:00am. Almost every night. No one ever left a voicemail so I ignored them. Other times they would leave me a voice message but there would be no one talking or leaving a message. I could not call back if I wanted to because my phone would not let me, as these numbers were not valid and could not be called back. During the day, if my aunt or mother called me and I answered the phone there would be a different person on the other end of the line, usually a man. I would quickly hang up, puzzled. I would call either one of them back, only to be greeted by a man. And no, it was not a missing or wrong digit as they were already in my contact list. The worst part was, the same thing would happen to both my mother and my aunt whenever they called me and a man would answer! Everything stopped once the men in black showed up. But before I get into that…

What are the black helicopters?
So do you want the mundane explanation or the wild conspiracy explanation? I’ll give you both, since I go both ways.

The mundane version: Black helicopters are just that. Black helicopters are often linked with military forces. I am no military expert but I believe they are used to transfer soldiers from one place to the other and also to deliver supplies for them and their training if they are on a military base or combat if they are on a mission. Again, don’t quote me on that. However, based on what I have seen so far, the military helicopters always have some sort of identification on them, like a number for example.

The wild conspiracy version: Black helicopters are linked with military forces, but also with the men in black and UFOs. These particular black helicopters lack identification in them, no numbers or symbols like a logo from an organization or company, in other words, unmarked black helicopters are part of a secret branch under the shadow military. Anything and everything these days has a way to be identified, so seeing an unmarked black helicopter is rather suspicious.

What do the black helicopters do?
The unmarked black helicopters do various things depending on the case, but here are three that I know of, one which I have personally experienced.

First. They attempt to chase down UFOs that are being witnessed in an area.

Second. They harass their target if the target has been a UFO witness or an alien abductee, even an alien contactee, so by circling around the target’s home they are attempting to intimidate the target into silence so that they do not speak up about what they saw and what happened to them.

Third. This one is even more out there and it is that they fly out during the night to transfer crashed UFOs depending on the size and weight to military bases, or even alien bodies that have been recovered and they take them to military bases for further experimentation. It makes sense that they fly out during the night because they are dark and silent, therefore much more difficult for the general people to track, not to mention that almost everyone except me are sleeping. At least the ones I saw during the day were silent, so I am basing this point on that.

Who is responsible or is behind the black helicopter issue?
It has been said that the shadow military is behind the black helicopters, as the shadow military is a hidden aspect of the military with their own secret agendas and black ops, so it makes sense that they have their own vehicles and aircrafts to carry out their secret missions hidden from the general public, and since they cannot be identified and tracked down with their identification number or logo, no one can do anything about it. Where are they going to complain to? Nowhere. Who are they going to complain to? No one. Because nothing exists, so there is nowhere to go to and no one to give complaints to, like going to Human Resources.

Even if you have seen it with your own eyes, it does not exist. Even if you have evidence about it, it will either get confiscated, you will get “robbed,” or everyone will think it is photoshopped, the latter is the most common one, meanwhile the former two are more rare and tend to happen in extreme cases. They can, however, also implant false evidence in fabricated cases among the few rare valid cases to discredit those who are not afraid to open their mouths and speak up, so that the lines blur between fabricated cases and real ones, so that we question the target’s sanity and our own if we find ourselves believing it, or worse, if we are that target. This would be the fourth option. There could be many other ways but I am not a know-it-all. As you can see, this is how the shadow military gets away with their secret agendas and their black ops. This is how the shadow military is gaslighting the general public, including you and me. Through fear, intimidation and confusion.

About one to two weeks later, I had an appointment with the doctor very early in the morning. By afternoon, all three of us walked out of the building and waited to cross and head to the parking lot to leave. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a black car with blacked out windows at my left side. It was a 1998 Crown Victoria, it was behind a red 2010 Porsche that was in front of us waiting for someone.

I would have thought nothing of it, if it wasn’t because there were two men in black standing next to it. One was the driver, who was talking over a silver cellphone, leaning against both doors from the left side of the car, so I could only see him from the back, while the other man had his left forearm placed over the top of the car while staring right back at me with a serious expression on his face. He was wearing black sunglasses but I could tell that he was glaring at me by his stern facial expression. He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath with a black tie and shiny black shoes. The hair was black, short and slicked back. He had a smooth face, no facial hair whatsoever, except for the eyebrows which were thick but defined. But what alarmed me was the color of his skin. Not only was it really pale, but his skin color was a very pale GRAY!!

Once we crossed the road and were headed towards the parking lot, I looked back and had a clear view of the other man in black. He was wearing the same clothes as the other one, but they looked exactly the same! They looked like twins! And they were both staring right back at me with an emotionless look on their faces. There was nobody else around the place, so they were looking at us. At that point I realized the driver was pretending to be on the phone, as he had it over his right ear but he was not talking. We made eye contact for about 15 to 20 seconds, and I suddenly felt a tingling sensation on the center of my forehead. It was a familiar feeling that only happened whenever an extraterrestrial wanted to communicate telepathically with me in the DREAM state or an OUT OF BODY experience, never in this physical reality.

“Shut up, or there will be consequences.”

This was an inaudible voice, it seemed like it was coming from my own brain but I could tell it was a thought that was mentally pushed on me. My chest tightened and I felt a knot in my stomach, which was my body’s way of telling me that something was not right. I responded in my mind, otherwise I would have looked silly just shouting at two men several feet away from us who have not vocally said anything directly to me.

“I am not afraid of you and I will not shut up about my experiences, so go fuck yourselves.” My mother was wondering why I was looking back so much, so I disregarded her question, I got in the car with them and we left the place.

The late night calls, the silent voicemails and the interference during calls stopped right after that event.

Who are the men in black?
The men in black are literally men in black suits, with a white shirt and black tie as well as shiny black shoes, as if they have never stepped on dirt, as if they appeared out of nowhere. Based on the accounts of some witnesses, they are reported to wear black sunglasses, other witnesses report them having dark brown eyes if they are not wearing black sunglasses. They are usually tall but I am not aware of an exact height or average height and it is unknown to me if they are muscular or not due to their black suits. Their skin tone is debatable, as some witnesses claim that they have a fair skin tone while others claim that their skin lacks color and is, instead, white as a paper or with a grayish tone to it. The hairstyle is also debatable, as some are bald, others have a military cut, some have short hair slicked back, usually black as well, and others just wear a simple black hat so the witnesses are not able to tell what type of hairstyle they have. Some witnesses claim that these men in black have a strange way of walking, almost robot-like, while other witnesses claim that they act as normal as you and I do. Their voices are usually very deep and husky, but I believe there was a case I saw years ago, almost a decade ago now, of someone who claimed that the man in black they saw had a robotic voice.

What do the men in black do?
The men in black are sent out with only one purpose in mind and that is to intimidate the shit out of a witness. Whether this was a UFO witness, or an alien abductee or contactee, it does not matter if you have evidence of the UFO or not, it does not matter if the abduction or contact happened physically or not, they will find a way to intimidate you through threats, which includes them showing up at your door or elsewhere, like how it happened to me. Usually that is more than enough to scare the person into isolation and silence. It is not known of a case where they have murdered someone, however I would not doubt it if they have or could do it at some point, it could very well be possible.

You might think “But Z, what is so intimidating about two or three men in black showing up out of nowhere and telling you to shut up about XYZ?” well. No one knows my address except for my family and friends, if anyone else shows up at my door and addresses me by my full name along with other personal details and makes a threat in my territory, you bet your damn ass I am going to take it VERY seriously. Or worse, you’re in a crowded place and a random pair of men in black approach you out of nowhere addressing you by your full name along with other personal details. How would that make you feel? Because clearly, they KNOW you but YOU do not know them! Anyone can know your full name, but the men in black get very specific very quickly about other things that other people may not know about you because you never told them, like that UFO you saw, or the alien abduction you experienced, or the alien contact you had. What kind of invasion is that?

A question I thought to myself right now which some of you might ask me is “But what if it’s a coordinated prank from people you already know, who know where you will go to and at what time you will be there?” well. First of all, I don’t have friends. Second, they run the risk of getting shot if they pull a prank of such bad taste on me or anyone else with a gun or other weapon to defend themselves, you just don’t threaten someone out of nowhere and get away with it. Third, I never tell anyone exactly where I will go to, or the day, or at what hour, that’s how you get burglars in your fucking home. Fourth, these are strangers we are talking about. Even if they were sent by a group of friends, assuming I have friends, how the fuck would all of them know where I will be and the hour when I have not opened my piehole? So clearly, something is wrong here. These men in black are not part of the public.

Are the men in black human or non-human?
This is probably the most difficult question for me to answer out of the entire Shadow Military series due to the mixed descriptions of the witnesses that have interacted with the men in black or have simply seen them. I simply do not know. No one knows. Based on my experience with them, they struck me as hybrid aliens, a mix between an alien and a human. They lacked emotion and facial expression, they both looked like clones, their skin tone was a very pale gray and they communicated telepathically. I am not saying that they are all hybrids, but in my personal experience with them, the ones I encountered were hybrids.

So, that concludes the purpose of this episode, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien and on Instagram @ zionzeta.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

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