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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s topic is the second episode of a short series that I’ll be diving into about the shadow military. To continue this series, tonight’s episode is about how do these shadow military people look like, and if they are human or non-human. And I know, I know that this second episode in the series was supposed to be about military abductions, also known as MILABs.

So moving on to tonight’s episode, you already know what is the shadow military, who are they and what do they do, but how the hell do they even look like? How could I tell the difference? Were they human or non-human? Let’s get started, shall we?

For the sake of this episode, you should become familiar with the term “soldier in black” which I have come up with and will be using in this episode, and perhaps other episodes during this series or after it’s over. A soldier in black is not the same as a SWAT team officer or from any other organization, though.

First. How do they look like?

Well, there is a reason why I reference the guys from the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil movies in my graphics for this series. This is because the guys involved in the shadow military wear almost the same if not the exact uniforms that the soldiers from the Umbrella Corporation do, but hold your horses. I have to say that I have never seen any of the Resident Evil movies, so I don’t know if these guys only show up once or in all of the movies. I haven’t watched any of them because zombies don’t turn me on, aliens do.

However, I don’t know how or why, but back in 2011 I came across a screenshot of two Centurion soldiers — or guards — from the Umbrella Corporation in one of the Resident Evil movies, and I was shocked, or as people call it these days, I was SHOOK. The resemblance was uncanny and my mind was blown away with the similarities. Except for the Umbrella Corp tag in their uniforms. The shadow military dudes, or the soldiers in black, do not have any type of identification in their uniforms or on themselves.

I was already having strange things happening to me, like the black helicopters, astral traveling to military bases, and encountering soldiers in black in what seemed to be my dreams, which was strange to me. I initially thought that they were from the SWAT team, but the uniforms were very different. Here is a screenshot for reference which you can find over my blog at if you are listening to this episode.

The black uniforms are still bulky just like any other protective uniform, but they are different in the sense that they have no name tags or numbers of the soldiers themselves, and no symbols or logos whatsoever of the organization that they are representing. The helmets are not bulky, they are lightweight with a sleek design and a large black visor, very similar to a motorcycle helmet. The black visors are highly reflective despite being black.

I remember this detail because one time I was astral traveling for the second or third time to a military base in middle of the desert during a cloudy late afternoon to practice this new ability that I wanted to debunk. When I was near a fence that was surrounding this military base and I was ready to walk through it, one of these soldiers in black confronted me. I remember a deep and husky robotic voice shouting my name in anger, I looked to my side and there he was next to me further away, mind you he was outside the fence just like me. I have no idea how he knew my name, I figured that I got tagged the first time.

I went up to him because I wanted to see his face up close but the large visor blacked out his face. I was just a few inches from his helmet and all I could see in it was myself and our surroundings. He was holding some sort of technologically advanced weapon that highly resembled a large and bulky machine gun. And guys, I am no gun expert first of all, and second I don’t know if I got the name right, but what type of machine gun — and third, if there is even more than one type — is unknown to me, it slightly looked like a rifle, but it was too bulky to be one and again it looked like it had been enhanced due to its futuristic-looking appearance. Sadly though, I could barely see it properly because it was black so it merged with his uniform, otherwise I would have been able to identify a weapon close to it right now for you guys.

During other encounters in my astral travels, the helmets do change, so they are divided into groups and the way to identify themselves is through the helmets. What is the difference and what does each group do is unknown to me. There are other soldiers in black with different helmets that look like a World War II German helmet, only in black. I don’t know how to explain it, but do you know those helmets that are short in the front part of the head but they are longer at the back of the head and the sides and it partially covers the ears? That’s the type of helmet that I am talking about. Now, this helmet is still very open and vulnerable as it exposes their face, so their whole head is covered in some kind of black texture that seems to be a part of the uniform underneath their bulky and protective uniform, on top of that they also wear some sort of military black goggles and a gas mask. What I am trying to say here is that you never see an inch of skin, like in the following picture in my blog.

So these are the two main groups of soldiers in black within the shadow military that I have encountered. Besides these two though, I have also seen others — like in my first astral experience to a military base — that look just like any other military guy from any branch with the typical normal uniform that they wear, except that these guys don’t have name tags in their uniforms. For those of you wondering, as an exception to my very first astral experience in a military base, I have not exactly seen women involved in the shadow military.

Second. How can I tell the difference?

Within the shadow military though, there are military men wearing their combat uniforms from each branch, but there are also men of higher ranks, like commanders, generals, captains, admirals — again depending on the military branch — and so forth from each of these individual organizations who are also present, the only exception, again, is that even those of a higher rank also do not wear name tags either, so there is no way to identify them, or at least, no way for me to identify them. You would not know, in a room full of uniformed men from the military, you would not know or be able to distinguish who is who, who belongs where as well as who is part of the shadow military and who is not. But hey, it’s all about blending in.

Third. Are they human or non-human?

This is a difficult question to answer, because to be honest, I don’t know. On one hand, there could be a possibility, due to so much hiding inside their uniforms, never showing an inch of skin, no visibility of their eyes through the black visors of the helmets or the goggles that they wear, plus the great capacity of communicating and interacting with me while I am out-of-body, even touching me to grab or push me around, just being able to do those last three things like seeing me, communicating with me and even being able to touch me is more than enough for me to question their humanness so to speak. However, this is just me thinking out loud and speculating.

On the other hand, I know that remote viewing is possible, even though I cannot do it myself — not that I have tried — and the only reason why I have come to believe that remote viewing is real is due to a 71-page declassified document from the CIA titled “A Suggested Remote Viewing Training Procedure” from 1986 that I came across about a month ago. If they were diving into these topics and getting positive results back then, just imagine what they already know and are using by now. So there is also the possibility that these soldiers in black are simply human men that have been trained to be excellent psychic spies so to speak and that they have learned how to interact with energy bodies, whether of ET origin or simply another human out of their body having an astral projection.

But I question their superhuman strength and the ability to interfere with my astral body at will, not with their mind like a typical remote viewer or astral traveler would do consciously when they are awake where they mentally push their energy onto you without moving a muscle, but literally, as if these soldiers in black were at a higher level than just the physical plane.

Could it be that these soldiers in black are also in the astral plane as I am? What if they are not physically here and are not human? What if they are human and their bodies are asleep somewhere in these military bases and they have a special device that forces them out of their bodies? What if they are in the physical plane and are just psychic spies? What if they are physical…and non-human?

Well, I hate to leave these questions unanswered and this episode inconclusive, but there are no answers, which is exactly why I decided to go public with my experiences in 2013. These are only some questions of only one topic that have been haunting me for the past 8 years, and don’t get me started with the ET aspect of it all which has been much more prominent in my life.

With that said, that’s all the time I have for tonight’s episode. Stay tuned for the next episode which was actually supposed to be this one. What is a military abduction and what happens during one? How can you tell the difference between an alien abduction and a military abduction? Do these MILABs happen consciously or subconsciously? And probably most importantly, why do they happen and what is the purpose? Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast to get notified of new episodes in the near future.

So, that concludes the purpose of this episode, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien and on Instagram @ zionzeta.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

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