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Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien podcast!

So, tonight’s topic is the third episode of a short series that I’ll be diving into about the shadow military. To continue this series, tonight’s episode is about military abductions, also known as MILABs. What is a military abduction and what happens during one? How can you tell the difference between an alien abduction and a military abduction? Do these MILABs happen consciously or subconsciously? And probably most importantly, why do they happen and what is the purpose?

So moving on to tonight’s episode that didn’t make it as the second one in the series but rather as the third one, I believe things happen for a reason. There will be things in this episode that will connect and make even more sense after publishing the previous episode which was an unplanned one that got on the way, so let’s move to the first point, shall we?

What is a military abduction?
A military abduction is a covert operation done by the shadow military where they abduct their target, usually someone who has had some type of extraterrestrial contact whether in a physical or non-physical sense. Many people tend to think that this only happens to those who have had severe types of extraterrestrial contact, like an alien abduction or seeing a spacecraft up close, but not necessarily.

Remember that the shadow military is always looking for information that could serve them and their black ops. Why are you so special? Why are these beings contacting you? What’s the purpose? Are they teaching you how to use something? Are they showing you their technology? Do YOU have abilities that the shadow military could exploit and use to their advantage, say, like remote viewing? The shadow military wants to know all the tea on all of this and more.

If you have read my book “Connecting The Stars” you know that The General and the rest of my galactic family retired at some point when they noticed that their frequent visits were causing the black helicopters to show up more frequently…and eventually, the military abductions. From what I recall, though, these did not take place in a physical sense, so they could have been memories of events that happened years ago or that the shadow military successfully extracted my consciousness out of my body and abducted me in real time. And by the way, you can read 7 random chapters for free by signing up on and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

Now, let’s move to the second point.

What happens during a MILAB?
A military abduction can be done successfully and without suspicions because the shadow military is technologically advanced enough thanks to reverse engineered alien technology that they have extracted and obtained from UFO crashes so to speak.

Alternatively, it is also said that the shadow military has an agreement with a specific group of ETs that are helping them to learn and utilize this technology in exchange of humans, but I do not believe it is just one group from one race, hence why I am not being specific here, as I have seen more than one working together with them, including the Nordic-looking ETs. Every alien race has a service-to-self group somewhere, just like we do. So it is highly illogical and very irresponsible for someone to say that only the Draconians, or the Reptilians, or the Zeta Greys are capable of harm. This is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard. This is not true, and anyone that claims otherwise is simply an intergalactic racist.

Now, going back to the second point, regardless of how the shadow military has obtained their advanced technology for their covert operations to proceed with these military abductions, they are able to clone animals and people, create new viruses and also hybrids due to captive ETs and humans that they are using for experimentation purposes, but this can go as far as being able to take someone’s consciousness out of their body when they are sleeping and hold it captive. This can make you think that you have astral traveled to a military base, when in fact, you were taken there. This happened to me various times after practicing astral projection to a military base two or three times, I started to get taken there when I was no longer wanting to. Many people wonder what happens during one. The scenarios that I have been involved in usually begin like this:

One. I suddenly become aware of my surroundings, I am fully conscious and aware that I am not dreaming but that I am not in my body, this is my personal realization that I am in the astral plane and that my astral body is elsewhere, yet when I try to return to my physical body and wake myself up, it is simply not possible, I am being held there against my will.

Two. This next part will vary greatly per military abductee, so this is my own experience based on various military abductions. After realizing that I can’t do much, I become aware of what’s around me and where I am. It is usually an empty white room with fluorescent white lights, with no windows and a single door. At times there are two chairs and a small metal table in between for interrogation purposes. Alternatively, other times there’s a wide black window on the other side of the room with people behind it asking me questions and a single chair in middle of the empty room.

Three. A man in black or a soldier walks into the room and sits in front of me across the table, usually with a pen and paper to take some notes. The questions always start out very basic, who I am, what’s my name, how old am I, where do I come from, what do I do and why am I there — if I have consciously astral traveled there on purpose — or alternatively, the latter question is replaced with various questions about my ET contacts, who they are, what they do, where do they come from, about my interactions with them and just trying to get information out of me. I am never compliant and in fact I become aggressive pretty quickly when I am around them, and this is where things can get ugly very quickly. Two scenarios can happen depending on my attitude, which are the two last following sub-points that I’ll be getting into within this second main point.

Four. If they are not getting what they want from me, they either bring in the helmet that they forced me to wear as a kid to give me electric shocks, or I am threatened with actual physical harm in both senses, right there and at some point in my day to day life, the latter has never taken place so far. The former, though, has been quite interesting. There have been times where I have had the shit beaten out of me by a group of soldiers in black who highly resemble the Umbrella Corporation soldiers — like mentioned in the previous episode — or alternatively, I am left alone with a Reptilian that works directly with them, as not all Reptilians are service-to-self or involved in the shadow military. Several things can happen when you’re left alone in an empty room with a Reptilian that is double your height, like rape, beatings, or the least violent act — thought extraction. I will get into this last part when I am done with the subpoints before I move on to the next third point.

Five. If they got what they wanted from me, I am either told to fuck off and never return otherwise there will be severe consequences next time — assuming that I have intentionally astral traveled there — or if it was just a military abduction for interrogation purposes I am simply sent back home, meaning that I can finally return and wake up at will. As I have mentioned earlier and in another episode, they are able to hold your astral body long enough until they get what they want, in my case I have been unable to wake up during this procedure. However, it is unknown to me what would happen if my consciousness was held there indefinitely, if I would still be able to wake up regardless of this or if I would be “blind” in future dreams or unable to astral travel, this is simply unknown to me.

Before I move on to the third point, I wanted to address the last part of the fourth sub-point from the second point. A “thought extraction” is exactly what it implies, the infamous direct eye contact with an alien where you can feel that your thoughts are being scanned and forcefully revealed for them to see against your will.

If you put up any sort of resistance whether physical or mental, it will be painful. You will get a piercing headache followed by a deafening high-pitched sound that will cause you to lose your hearing for a moment, this causes you to feel lightheaded and will make you lose your balance.

This has happened to me before, however only with the shadow military, it has rarely happened with ETs that are service-to-self. The soldiers in black use a special laser weapon that once it’s directed at me, that’s when I would start to experience these physical effects all over my body, the final part being paralysis, in which I then would collapse to the floor, at times unconscious but other times when I have been conscious I remember convulsing and foam coming out of my mouth.

Now, let’s move to the third point.

How can you tell the difference between an alien abduction and a military abduction?
There are times when many people believe that they are experiencing a horrible and traumatizing alien abduction, or the recall of an alleged alien abduction after witnessing a UFO for example. But sometimes though, these alleged alien abductions that follow after experiencing something otherworldly can mean that the “powers that be” have been alerted of what happened, so they want to know more, which I mentioned earlier in this episode. So what may seem like an alien abduction, may not be one at all.

It is very difficult to distinguish the difference between an alien abduction and a military abduction, simply because they have the technology to make it all seem convincingly real. The fake interior of the spacecraft with the bright lights in the room and the metal table, the hyper realistic alien masks and suits, in fact they don’t even need all this when they have the technology to put screen memories into people’s minds. However, it helps to go the extra mile.

But how did I notice that a memory recall of an alien abduction was actually a military abduction? Because I was being waterboarded by two Draconians aboard a spacecraft. I don’t remember how they looked like or the color of their skin as both of them were just a blur, except for my surroundings which were surprisingly sharp and vivid, compared to them literally next to me, both holding me up from the arms and submerging me upside down into the water. They were asking me how to use a weapon and I genuinely did not know, I was not familiar with the weapon that they were asking me about.

When I shared this recall with a friend at the time back in 2012, they told me that the torture method for interrogation was too human to have been done by two Draconians. And I believe I avoided sharing this experience in my book, in case you are wondering if you have the book and wanted to read about it, because it pissed me off that the shadow military was attempting to sabotage my healing with the Draconians and my connection with The General by using their image against me. So after really thinking about it and going back to it, it eventually made sense. Something that I noticed on my own later on was also the way that these two Draconians did not believe me. After all, ETs are highly telepathic, especially Draconians, they should have known this by scanning my thoughts! That’s when I realized that these two Draconians were only projected and implanted screen memories in my subconscious mind and that they were not real.

To summarize this point though, it’s very difficult to distinguish the difference, so I would say that using logical thinking and intuition as suggested by my Draconian Crew were the two things that helped me to decipher this memory recall.

Now, let’s move to the fourth and fifth final points to wrap up this episode.

Do these MILABs happen consciously or subconsciously?
Both. In my case they have taken place subconsciously that I am aware of, but there are people who literally recall being taken physically in plain daylight by men in military uniforms, shoved into a van and taken to a base in middle of the desert. I don’t recall what was done to them though, because this was a very long time ago and the cases were individual, but it can happen to a group all at once as well. They usually are drugged so that they have a difficult time remembering the experience and where exactly they were taken to. So again, this varies by military abductee.

And the fifth and final point.

Why do they happen and what is the purpose?
They happen for a variety of reasons and the purposes do vary by military abductee. Like I mentioned earlier in this episode, they usually happen because the shadow military wants to intimidate while at the same time seek for important information that could serve them and their black ops. Again, why are you so special? Why are these ETs contacting you? What’s the purpose? Are they teaching you how to use something? Are they showing you their technology? Do YOU have abilities that the shadow military could exploit and use to their advantage? The shadow military wants to know everything while intimidating the person to remain silent with other people. Very much like the men in black who show up to threaten their targets to shut the fuck up.

With that said, that’s all the time I have for tonight’s episode. Stay tuned for the next episode where I will be talking more about the men in black, who they are, how do they look like and what do they do, as well as about the black helicopters, what they are and what’s their purpose. So don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast to get notified of new episodes in the near future.

So, that concludes the purpose of this episode, I wanted to thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien and on Instagram @ zionzeta.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

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