Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of The Spiritual Alien Podcast! So, I have not made an episode in well over a month as I have been on recovery mode. Tonight you will understand why I have been absent and on recovery mode for the past month after the release of Connecting The Stars: The Symposium. So, tonight’s episode is going to be a long one, as it is the long awaited finale of not just the Symposium series of interviews I’ve done in the last two months, but also a late closing to Connecting The Stars: The Symposium.

I will be getting into detail as to how it all began. The process behind the scenes, the scandals that surfaced a week before the Symposium launched, the secret space program trademark drama and the doxxing of popular YouTuber, Joe from the Carolinas, and how they both are indirectly related to the Symposium, how was the launch, and how am I doing now that it is all over after five months of juggling deadlines as a senior student of DeVry University as well as deadlines for the various things that were involved in the Symposium. And finally, as a closing to this episode and the Symposium itself, I will thank the speakers and those of you who supported this event that was very dear to me. So grab a snack, sit down and get ready for the tea, because it’s going to be very, very hot.

Connecting The Stars: The Symposium has shown me what I am capable of and my potential. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, it made me very uncomfortable as I faced my insecurities and fears head on with no time to freak out over them, it revealed to me beautiful connections with some incredible people that I hold dear to my heart, it also revealed to me something that I never would have expected to do in my life — to interview people. Granted, it was a brief idea that I had in 2013, a year before I started to write my first book, Connecting The Stars, but things did not align back then, until now, five years later.

Connecting The Stars: The Symposium was just a crazy idea of mine back in September of 2017, something I intended to do in person in about five years from that moment. But in Spring of this year, the idea of turning it into a live online event came to mind. So I started to reach out to potential speakers in May of this year. I reached out to approximately 40 potential speakers, to which 11 accepted the invitation to be a part of the event.

Due to the conflicting schedules between them, I decided to turn the live online event into a pre-recorded event, where all of them had a chance to film their presentations at some point during the 5-month period before the deadline on Halloween, almost two weeks before the event was released in November 11th of 2018. It is important that you pay close attention to this last part that I just mentioned. Five months. Halloween due date. Two weeks before the event.

All right, moving on. As you know, I was the one in charge of everything. Emailing the speakers, organizing them with instructions in the very beginning, creating the main promotional graphic along with the individual graphic for each speaker, of figuring out the affiliate software to hook them up so they could promote on their own and earn a 50% commission, of promoting each one of them, of interviewing them for the podcast as well, so, there was a lot of work involved and things could get complicated very quickly if I wasn’t careful or if I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing or about to do. It still happened a few times, but mostly due to external factors from other people that were out of my control, which I will soon get into.

Oh, and thank fuck that I decided to not transcribe all the interviews, otherwise the Symposium would have never happened due to all the mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that I was already experiencing, that was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, believe it or not.

So, even though Connecting The Stars: The Symposium was a success, there were some issues that came up at the very last minute which forced me to come forward to publicly address in two YouTube videos. The first one titled as an apology video and the second one titled “Drama in the Community and The Symposium.”

Brad Johnson was one of the speakers featured in Connecting The Stars: The Symposium, but after almost four months involved in the promotional graphics for the online event, he decided to cancel his appearance due to personal reasons, one month before the deadline. This is when I made the first video titled as an apology to which several people including two of the speakers reached out to me with suggestions for a new speaker.

One of the speakers was Honovi Strongdeer who reached out to me privately. We conversed and she recommended Gita Rose to me. I already knew about Gita Rose because we were already connected in my personal page, I believe she already followed my podcast and art pages on Facebook, but I was too shy in approaching her to talk with her. However, I was brave enough to reach out to her at 3:00am. And yes, there were many sleepless nights due to last minute issues and conflicts, that is without mentioning group projects, assignments and Finals week over DeVry.

I was afraid of approaching Gita Rose because I was worried about the tight deadline for her, which was less than a month away. October was just rolling in and I was preparing myself to start all of the podcast interviews and now I had to come up to this new speaker and overwhelm her with information and deadlines of what I needed from her and what she needed to send me, plus the podcast interview PLUS her video presentation for the Symposium.

However, to my surprise, Gita Rose accepted my invitation and she was ready for action. I expressed my concerns to her and apologized for appearing out of nowhere with information overload followed by deadlines after she accepted the invitation, but she was too kind and very understanding of the situation, so I felt even more relaxed and at ease.

There was someone else who approached me and offered to be a speaker, but this speaker along with another one were both removed from the Symposium for reasons that I will soon get into once I address three very common questions that I have received recently, which will serve as a nice transition, they will also help you to make sense of things as well as to understand my second video titled “Drama in the Community and The Symposium” which I will also explain soon.

First question, “Will there be a second Symposium next year?”

It is way too damn early to tell if there will be another event like this or not. With me you will never know what to expect next, that’s for sure.

Second question, “How do you feel after the Symposium?”

Well. I feel drained as fuck. There was an unexpected scandal in the week leading up to the Symposium that caused a lot of drama and unnecessary stress. Regardless of that, I feel very damn proud of myself and very fucking happy that I did this.

Third question, “There are only 9 speakers in the final graphic of the Symposium instead of the original 11 speakers, what happened with those two and why are they gone?”

Before I get into that, Teresa Yanaros was also one of the people who approached me after the apology video and offered to be a speaker as well, so I decided to bring her in as well. At the time she worked for Full Disclosure Project. As you all know, Roger Richards was one of the original speakers since the beginning of Connecting The Stars: The Symposium.

So both Teresa Yanaros and Roger Richards were removed due to not complying with the extended deadline which was November 7th. I did an exception with them since they had the release of a documentary on October 31st, the same date of the deadline of the presentations for my Symposium.

Since the latest documentary that Corey Goode, Jordan Sather, Roger Richards and others were a part of was about to be released to the public, the release date was on Halloween, October 31st. Because of this conflict in the date of the release which was the same as my deadline that I have mentioned for months now, I told both of them that I was willing to give them an extended deadline until November 7th to be interviewed on the podcast and to deliver their video presentations. They both agreed because there was time. She had a month and he had five.

Enter the Masquerade Party on Halloween for the documentary premiere, and Mr. Jason Rice, the newest secret space program insider featured on Cosmic Disclosure from Gaia TV. First episode appearance being September 25th. That poor man was only three episodes in by the beginning of October and everyone I know were all already bashing him when we all had only seen less than two hours in three episodes combined of the man speaking, including Jordan Sather and Corey Goode who accused him of being a LARPer. I admit I don’t give a shit about the secret space program, so I wasn’t exactly excited for more secret space program-y stuff, but the hate and slander towards Mr. Jason Rice sparked my interest, plus another very interesting issue that came to the surface in early October.

Mr. Jason Rice received a cease and desist letter from Corey Goode’s attorney who happens to be the sister of one of the speakers of the Symposium at the time, for using certain terms that were in the process of being trademarked, including the initials SSP which clearly imply secret space program.

My issue with this is that the phrase “secret space program” is not unique, original or exclusive to Corey Goode, this phrase has been in use as far back as in the 1990s on a book titled “Defending Sacred Ground” by author Alex Collier, thanks to Joe from the Carolinas over YouTube for being a source of reference for this piece of information.

My second issue with this is that…you can only trademark works of fiction, not the truth. It’s as if I wanted to trademark the CIA and the MK Ultra program. You cannot trademark a testimony or a story, unless that story was made up, because trademarks are for original ideas, this can be a title, slogan, logo, what have you. I understand the whole jazz of protecting intellectual property, but I believe this was not the correct way to go about it, especially the targeting of Mr. Jason Rice and accusing him of being a LARPer, or in other words, a paid actor brought up to the public to discredit his work. As Joe from the Carolinas would say, show me the evidence.

The backlash from the public, or should I say, the “Dark Alliance” was so huge that the Masquerade Party for the documentary premiere on Halloween was canceled due to “threats,” threats which I did not see being reported to the hotel or the authorities to be dealt with, which makes me think otherwise.

If you are hosting a damn Halloween party where absolutely anyone from anywhere can go buy a ticket and get in, you DO NOT allow masks, helmets or any other type of costume that involves a fully covered face or head, something which you could have changed and required of the guests without having to cancel the event. Universal Studios does it during Halloween Horror Nights. Oh you arrived with a costume that includes wearing a helmet or a mask? Either take it off or get the hell out.

Now, this is where things start to get complicated very quickly. So listen closely.

So, there’s no Masquerade Party on Halloween, but the default deadline of my Symposium remains in place, which is also on Halloween. Three days before Halloween, Teresa publicly announces her resignation from Full Disclosure Project for reasons that were stated days later in a livestream on November 2nd.

A month had already gone by after the cease and desist letter to Mr. Jason Rice and I was having people questioning me if I favored the slander of someone who has not done any harm and if I favored the trademarking of the secret space program, to which my response was and will always be, No. Now, as of December of 2018, this trademark has been abandoned.

So Halloween has come and gone, the default deadline expires and the extended deadline activates like I had promised, and I am already wondering what the hell is going on between two of the speakers that are involved in my event and if I should worry or not. After the livestream on November 2nd where reasons were provided behind the decision of the resignation, an interview followed by Joe from the Carolinas over his YouTube channel.

Obviously, I give everyone the space that they need to get their shit together, however I was also running out of time myself with MY OWN presentation and merging together all presentations into one large video file to have it ready and on time to deliver on November 11th. So I figured that if I didn’t get a response by November 7th which was the expiration of the extended deadline, that I would wrap everything up and launch the Symposium. However, I was hoping for things to calm down and waiting it out.

So November 6th, Jordan Sather who is part of Corey Goode and Roger Richard’s team and documentary, re-tweeted a post that a random stranger’s account — out of thousands that tweet him constantly — had published with a picture containing highly sensitive, private and personal information in regards to Joe from the Carolinas.

As we say in Puerto Rico, in rice and beans — or in other words, to make it simple — Joe from the Carolinas was doxxed and his workplace information exposed, as it was released over the internet for everyone to see. Full name, phone number, physical address, all of it. There may have been more information included but regardless it was enough information to put Joe from the Carolinas at risk of possible physical harm from one of Jordan’s fans. Not just him, but his family, coworkers and patients as well, as he is a healthcare worker.

There is a huge cult-like mentality going on in certain parts of the spiritual and new age communities, and I have seen this behavior in many of the fans of these people. Do you understand the severity of the situation? Do you now understand why I was so pissed off in the video titled “Drama in the Community and The Symposium”?

I saw this picture and I was shocked. I was even more shocked when I spoke out in anger, explaining what is doxxing, why is it illegal and why is it wrong to do so, only to get blocked by Corey Goode’s comic book artist as well as unfriended by Corey’s manager — and by the way, Marvel at the time was breathing on their neck due to a copyright conflict in the word “guardians” in the mentioned product, you can check out the article from BleedingCool.com titled “Marvel Comics Oppose Trademark From Alien Conspiracy Theorists.”

According to his manager, he said to me in a public post that he didn’t have to be part of the Symposium if it was going to cause me trouble over what Jordan did. After almost five months of waiting on everyone to deliver their presentations, I even give an extended deadline to two of these people and I get this response. Am I crazy or is this really happening?

I told him that I didn’t have a problem with him being a part of it, but that the actions of his connections were making people question my integrity, motives and views on the situation of Joe’s doxxing and which side I was on. Especially since they all remained silent about the doxxing of Joe, except Corey who gave the impression of favoring said person’s doxxing crime.

It was a situation that I was not involved in, but that people were already involving me in with their assumptions. This was something that I had to clear up, hence the video on my YouTube channel titled “Drama in the Community and the Symposium” where I stood up and voiced my opinion against what was done to Joe and proceeded to explain why.

But after the extended deadline, breaking a promise and not fulfilling a compromise, Roger was removed and after a while he disappeared as well. Teresa was gone due to all the conflicts that came up and was removed as well. And thus, Connecting The Stars: The Symposium was released in the intended date.

You all know that I am a small 3D artist and podcaster, and I will not allow anyone to stain my name and reputation with their unethical behavior or that of those close to them when I am just starting to build up my audience.

I still continue to firmly stand in my truth, that doxxing is wrong, it is illegal and therefore it is a criminal act that is punishable by law, especially when done to someone from a medical field…which makes it a federal crime. And I stand with Joe. Of course, he doesn’t exactly know who I am but we have had some interactions on Twitter because I approached him to ask if I had his permission to mention his doxxing on this episode, and he agreed to it. So hi Joe! Thanks for listening.

Now, because I know how people are, this doesn’t mean that I hate Jordan or that I am bashing him. I highly respect Jordan’s work even though I do not agree with the Trump stuff and the Q stuff. We both know we have contrasting points of view but we remain cool headed with each other. We have interacted briefly as well, in fact there was a pending interview in July but I understand that people are just busy, and that’s fine with me.

And you know what else? It’s also fine to make mistakes, but when you really fuck up, well, you fucked up so you have to own it. There’s no shame in the Z game, it’s all good and poppin’ but don’t deny it, it will not make you look good. People aren’t stupid and they sure as hell don’t forget. But oh well, that’s none of my business.

With all of that said, this was all a reminder as to why I keep to myself and do not belong to any groups, as well as why I don’t like people.

Now, moving on to the more uplifting part of this episode…

I want to thank you for listening to this very long ramble. I would like to apologize to you, the listener, for putting up with all of this, but I do not want to bring this with me into the New Year and besides, I keep receiving questions in different places as to why I’ve been gone for so long, why the lack of new episodes and how I’ve been after the Symposium, so, here I am.

I want to say thank you to all of you who support my art, not just those of you who have purchased a 3D ClairvoyArt commission but also those of you who enjoy looking at my portfolio on my website as well as on my Facebook page. Thank you to all of you who listen to my podcast, for being here with me and for your support this year. Thank you for supporting Connecting The Stars: The Symposium, the feedback I’ve received has been amazing and has touched my cold, black heart.

And last but most certainly not least, thank you to all the speakers; Daniel James, Laura Eisenhower, Jonathan C. Martin, Gita Rose, Susie Beiler, Zach Hayter, Honovi Strongdeer, and the Starseed Twins Marco and Miguel Peralta, for putting your trust in me and in my crazy idea of something that I never expected to be capable of doing and achieving, it truly makes me wonder what else are we capable of achieving and the answer is, anything, as long as you are passionate about it and don’t give up regardless of the obstacles on the way.

With that said, I want to wish all of you tuning in a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! May 2019 bring you what your heart desires. If you have suggestions for new content for the podcast, email me with your suggestions to contact@zionzeta.com, as 2019 will be packed with much more down to Earth content that I hope you all enjoy, but I also look forward to your ideas.

Alright everyone, thank you so much for joining me in The Spiritual Alien podcast, make sure you follow me on Facebook @ TheSpiritualAlien as well as @ZZ.ClairvoyArt, and on Instagram @ zionzeta. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by going to bit.ly/subzionzeta for the podcast archives and future videos.

Take care and I’ll speak to you soon!

This is Zion Zeta, always at your service!

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