Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview Gita Rose from gitarose.com and know more about who she is, what she does, how she became a performer in musical theater as well as a yoga teacher later on, how she got started on her spiritual path and channeling journey, who is Bella and what she does as well as how they work together, what’s the difference between the Zetas and the Greys, what types of services she offers and more!

Gita Rose has been a creative intuitive all her life and is now stepping into sharing publicly. The first half of her life she was a performer in musical theater. She graduated from the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York City. Then the curtain rose and the veils began to part, introducing to her new ways of being a channel and telling stories. Gita offers a range of Intuitive Transformational Activation techniques in sessions that can be personally tailored for each individual. Gita is able to offer intuitive readings to help others activate their own innate abilities. She is also a vocal channel. Gita facilitates Bella, an Extra-Terrestrial Human Hybrid. Bella and Gita are able to offer a wide variety of perspectives and tools to help people connect to more of their own inner contact. Reflections on ways to activate the client’s own ability to be their unique type of channel. Remembering, together, everything we forgot we knew. Gita is also a registered Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher. She is able to combine asana yoga and meditation concepts in her sessions as well. Take a journey with Gita!

Support Gita in Connecting The Stars: The Symposium: https://zionzeta.com/gitarose

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