Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview Jonathan C. Martin from https://jonathancmartin.com and know more about who he is, what he does, how he got started on his spiritual path, his work as a channeler for the YahYel, who are the YahYel, his coaching services as well as channeling lessons, his interview on VICE and how it happened, projects that he will be working on and more!

Support Jonathan in Connecting The Stars: The Symposium: https://zionzeta.com/jonathancmartin

Jonathan is a channel for an extraterrestrial civilization known as the YahYel. The YahYel share information on Spiritual Awakening, Living our Life Purpose and Extraterrestrial Contact. Together with the YahYel Jonathan is currently developing a Contact Ambassadors Program to move humanity towards open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. He has an Engineering degree from Coventry University and an RHS qualification in gardening (his second passion and parallel career that keeps him firmly grounded on Earth).


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