Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta interview the Starseed Twins, Marco Antonio and Miguel Angel Peralta and know more about who they are, what they do, if they have always been aware of “something” beyond this Earth, if they believe they are the same soul divided into two separate human bodies or are actually twin souls, if they have ever experienced discrimination in spiritual circles or other type of spiritual/extraterrestrial event and more!

The StarSeed twins, Marco Antonio and Miguel Angel Peralta are true pioneers of the Ascension process, leaders of the new age higher consciousness movement. They are Teachers of Universal Law, leading and teaching by example, by living and embodying Universal Truth and applying this wisdom to everyday life, in practical ways. They are naturally gifted and their energy work is powerful and precise. Their heightened intuitive senses coupled with their ability to drop into complete surrender makes them work with divine precision, like surgical master healers, as if the divine itself was wearing their hands as surgical gloves and their bodies as a suit, for that is indeed what they are: Instruments of the Divine. Working with them leads to accessing your own deepest and truest source of power, mastery and healing. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with them, do not take the opportunity for granted.

Support the Starseed Twins in Connecting The Stars: The Symposium zionzeta.com/starseedtwins

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