Intuitive artwork by Zion Zeta.


After I had received the portrait and notes from Z I had an easy time connecting to my Pleiadian aspect. The art really helped me do that and have a visualization & energy to hold with my eyes closed, in meditation, and in my heart space. Iā€™m very grateful to my higher self and the Pleiadians and look forward to further experiences and interactions with them. šŸ™‚ Iā€™m also grateful to spirit to guiding me to Z & to her for the amazing artwork and introduction to my Pleiadian self. šŸ™‚

~ Meashenu Light Healing

Link to full experience shared on his blog can be accessed here.

I have been following your art page for a long time now and I am always impressed with each portrait you create and each being you bring through, you truly have a gift and I am so grateful for your service to humanity!

You are connecting us with our star brothers and sisters from the cosmos. Your art is the bridge that allows us to take a glimpse of them and their home planet, and it’s further awakening us to our higher selves as well as our life purpose on this planet! Thank you Z!

We love you for who you are, what you do and how you do it. Your energetic self, honesty, charisma and witty personality as well as how caring and patient you are during a ClairvoyArt session and the excellent service you provide are only a few reasons why you are an inspiration! Don’t let anything make you change, always be yourself and you will go far!

Thank you for sharing all of these amazing portraits and the detailed stories behind them with all of us! You are helping us to be more understanding of certain ET races and how there’s both “good” and “bad” in all of them just like us. You are helping us all to open our hearts and shed our fears towards those who are service to others that may not look so appealing to us with your depictions and experiences behind them, so thank you!

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